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Обороты (почти)петровских времен

Из ревизских сказок Клинского уезда, 1723 г.

...крещеный в греческую веру Василий Иванов польской породы, взятый в плен [там-то и там-то]

...крещеный в греческую веру Иван Петров карельской породы...

Весьма похоже на то, как употреблялось в английском слово "race" - это и раса, и род, и порода или вид животных, и национальность, и типаж.

[Кучка примеров на английском языке]

The Kings of Persia of the Turkish, Tartarian, and Turcoman, or Armenian Race
("Royal Genealogies", James Anderson, 1732)

...the Family of the Caesars was of the Julian Race...
("A complete dictionary of the Greek and Roman antiquities", Pierre Danet, 1700)

As to the Monarchy of Spain, 'and their Race of Kings...
("A Display of Heraldry" John Guillim,John Logan (Captain.),Sir George Mackenzie, 1724)

The largest of the foor-footed [i.e. four-footed] Race is the Elephant, and I think there is none smaller than the Mouse.
("A philosophical account of the works of nature" Richard Bradley, 1739)

World as in the New, and perhaps others; that all were domesticated and crossed , and that thence originate the six cats, or races of cats
(The Natural History of the Quadrupeds of Paraquay and the River la Plata, Félix de Azara, 1838)

...and although schoolmasters, as a race, were the blockheads and impostors...

(Диккенс, "Жизнь и приключения Николаса Никльби", 1839)

The large and brilliantly-coloured Lepidoptera bespeak the zone they inhabit, far more plainly than any other race of animals

With their brightly coloured garments, great spurs clanking about their heels, and knives stuck as daggers (and often so used) at their waists, they look a very different race of men from what might be expected from their name of Gauchos, or simple countrymen.

The men were a tall, fine race, yet it was afterwards easy to see in the Fuegian savage the same countenance rendered hideous by cold, want of food, and less civilisation.

We passed the night in Punta Alta, and I employed myself in searching for fossil bones; this point being a perfect catacomb for monsters of extinct races.

(Дарвин, "Путешествие на корабле Бигль", 1839)

PS Кстати, еще любопытную вещь обнаружил в тех же ревизских сказках.

PPS За примеры, конечно, спасибо гуглу

UPD Русскоязычные примеры от гуглбуксУказ 1723 г..
Ломоносов, 1766.
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